Astrologers are dedicated to the development and enhancement of the human condition through an understanding of celestial phenomena as applied to human concerns. Astrologers are committed to honesty, fairness and respect for others. Guided by the objective application of astrological technique as well as a commitment to the improvement of the human condition, astrologers seek to increase understanding and compassion world-wide. They remain acutely aware of the need to understand themselves in order to understand and help others. Astrologers are aware of the immense contribution astrology can make to human knowledge and wisdom, and accordingly encourage inquiry and an open exchange of ideas both outside and within their profession. And above all, astrologers respect the potential power they hold to affect the lives of others, and accordingly strive for the highest levels of competence and diligence.

占星師獻身於發展和改善人類的境況,透過了解天象、應用於人文關懷。占星師承諾誠實、公正、並尊重他人。通過占星技術客觀運用的導引、以及進化人類境況的承 諾,占星師追求增進對整個世界的了解與同情。他們持續敏銳地覺察到需要了解他們自己、進而去了解並幫助別人。占星師知道占星學可以讓人們更有知識和智慧的 極大貢獻,因此鼓勵探索、並於業內外開放地交流想法。最重要的是,占星師顧及他們握有影響他人生活的潛在力量,因此力求達到最高的能力與努力。