Formal complaints and resolutions



A formal complaint begins with a letter to the Ethics Resolution Committee describing the problem and stating that this is a formal complaint. The astrologer in question is sent a copy of the letter and is asked to reply. The reply in turn is sent to the complainant. At this point the Coordinator, who may have already tried to achieve an informal resolution, once again offers to resolve the matter informally. If this fails, the Ethics Resolution Coordinator may request another round of letters from the two sides, or may move directly to arrange a formal hearing. The purpose of the hearing is to establish the validity of the complaint and the seriousness of the offense, if any. This hearing may be in person or by a conference call. The hearing will be led by the Coordinator. If requested by either party, or in serious cases, the Coordinator may establish an ad hoc committee to serve at the hearing as well. After hearing from both sides and reviewing the case, the Coordinator (with the committee if there is one) decides whether or not the astrologer in question was acting in accordance with the ethics code. If appropriate the Coordinator decides on a course of action (again with the committee if there is one), and formally recommends this to the Executive Committee for approval. The Executive Committee may defer the decision to the full board. Possible courses of action may be: a letter of concern, warning or censure, or in serious cases, revocation of certification and/or membership. Appeals can be made to the Judicial Committee described in the by-laws. Decisions of the Judicial Committee could be also be appealed as described in the by-laws.

正 式申訴是指以書信的方式向倫理判決委員會敘述問題並表示這是一個正式的申訴案。信件副本會轉 知爭議中的占星師,並要求其回覆,此回覆將會被寄給申訴人。此時,調解人可能已經嘗試進行非正式解決方案,再次提供非正式解決此爭議的方式。如果失敗了, 倫理判決調解人可要求雙方再次發函,或是直接安排正式的公聽會。這個公聽會的目的是確立申訴案的有效性以及侵犯的嚴重程度,如果有的話。這公聽會可以是當 面進行或是透過電話會議。公聽會可以由調解人主導,如果有任何一方要求或是嚴重的案件,調解人可以成立特別調查委員會出席公聽會。在聽取雙方陳述及審查案 件後,調解人(或偕同委員會)會判決在爭議案中的占星師是否合乎倫理守則。如果調解人決定了適當的行動方針(或偕同委員會),並正式的向執行委員會尋求批准,執行委員會可以交由董事會決定。可能的行動方針包括:關切、警告、譴責的信函,或是嚴重的案件會撤銷證書及(或)會員資格。依據章程可以向判決委員會提起上訴,判決委員會的決議也可依據章程再上訴。