Informal complaints and resolutions



An informal complaint may be as simple as a phone call to a member of the Ethics Resolution Committee. An informal resolution may also be a simple matter of alerting the astrologer to a possible ethical problem in their work that they may not have been aware of. It can also act as a confidential warning to an astrologer about questionable ethical conduct, or a confidential deterrent to an astrologer regarding future conduct. The complainant can remain anonymous and confidentiality can be maintained for both parties.

非正式申訴案可能是一通打給倫理判決委員會的電話那麼單純,非正式解決方案也可能只是對被申訴 的占星師給予一個簡單的提醒,提醒他們關於他們在工作中沒有意識到的倫理問題;它也可能是對一位有道德行為問題的占星師所做的機密性警告;或是對占星師未 來操守進行一個機密性的制止。申訴案可以保持匿名,為雙方保持機密。